Onii-chan~… Die f***ing scum!

Aya is one heck of a nasty piece of work. She is a blue LRIG that uses the Trick archetype of SIGNI and has a very unique gameplay mechanic original to her. Aya sets Traps (similar to YGO) which are facedown SIGNI or spells on the field. When the opponent attacks a lane with no SIGNI in it, the Trap in that lane will activate and a tricky Trap effect will activate. The types of Traps vary wildly from ener charge to hand destruction to downing signi or even cancelling damage from the opponent, making Aya one of the hardest LRIGs to kill. She is often able to completely avoid damage while her board has no SIGNI, provided the correct Traps have been set.

The most notable SIGNI Aya has are as follows: Trainbomb which as a Trap is able to copy any trap effect in your Trash and as a regular SIGNI, if left alive by the opponent, it will start setting Traps that might become rather annoying to deal with. Octopot bolsters Aya’s aggressiveness which make the opponent more likely to pop an ARTS to stop Aya’s SIGNI from restanding. Dokkiri makes a strong case for being one of her best SIGNI, able to trigger Traps directly from top of deck instead of activating the Traps on field. Dokkiri is a central part of Aya’s build which creates a very strong combo with Octopot for instance.  Aya has a couple of Traps that negate damage also.

Aya’s strong point is definitely the ability to stay alive longer, not having to use ARTS as often, and also the signature draw power of blue, filtering through her deck. This is also a liability if you don’t control your deck refreshes. Aya also has access to very strong blue ARTS such as Don’t Escape and Don’t Act. Don’t Act especially can completely shut down an opponent’s trump offence.

Her weak points are fast deck refreshes which can ruin your game if you don’t pay attention, and also an ener usage that can quickly go out of control because of her need to pay ener for her strongest effects like copying traps or quickly searching Traps out. A point which needs special detail is that Aya is very weak to Assassin effects. A Trap will not activate usually if there is a SIGNI on top of the Trap and an opponent SIGNI with Assassin will bypass that Trap, often meaning that Aya’s only way to deal with such a threat is through ARTS.

Nevertheless, Aya’s cockroach-like survivability is nothing to be scoffed at. An opponent who is not careful will find him/herself out of resources. Aya has a very flexible deck build and is able to adapt for a different meta and situation. Enjoy experimenting with Aya.





Tama is… the OG protagonist (?) who used to be the terror back at the beginning of the game, until eventually the terror of Apex took over. Tama uses the Arms and Weapons SIGNI to bombard the opponent. She is the OG beatstick and the OG searching deck, pulling out her Unlimited Blade Works (TM).

Tama has those bounce mechanics found in later LRIGs such as Sashe and Dona. You could say she is the predecessor to those decks. Especially the beatstick nature of Tama reflects in the 2nd generation Dona. Tama has something of a balanced playstyle where she will include both offensive and defensive ARTs in her LRIG deck.

She is able to build pure white, add red, or black in some cases. Tama has had a lot of time to mingle with other LRIGs such as Iona or Yuzuki to then take on their colours as part of her own build.

Constantly pulling out beatsticks from her deck one after the other, eventually she’ll push back the opponent and then beat even harder by restanding with Arc Destruct. Tama, being the oldest LRIG has naturally had time to receive a lot of support so naturally she comes with her level 5 options characteristic of 1st generation LRIGs. This can be the dark incarnation, Mayu, Genesis Miko or Mayu, True Name Miko or the red support, Tama Five Remodeled, the Flame, which is part of the mixing of 1st and 2nd generation to have coins for the OG LRIGs.




Carnival uses the same SIGNI archetype as Sashe (Space) but is different in several ways. Firstly, she is absolutely bonkers; she’s a complete psycho. Her colour is red and she has a shifting playstyle from heavier defensive with Snorop to the more midrange and aggro playstyles of red. Unlike Sashe who is limited in the colours she mixes in her deck (mainly limited to green or red), Carnival mixes various colours, even at one point having had a rainbow build as one of her primary builds.

With newer sets, Carnival has gained resona and even a level 5 LRIG (something customary to 1st generation). The builds with Carnival are quite varied and can be changed according to the playstyle of the player. Generally she is able to bend the rules a bit to benefit her, such as being able change the level of the SIGNI she reveals from her deck or drops from hand to achieve certain effects, or morphing a SIGNI on the field into another or morphing opponent SIGNI into servants. Generally because of this she is able to synergise with various non-limited SIGNI to use their effects to full potential, such as Punito or Gurehozame.

As an LRIG who shares an archetype with my favourite, Sashe, Carnival receives a lot of respect from me, especially with her “trickster” mechanics that make her one of the most flexible LRIGs from the 2nd generation.

PS. I like psycho girls…



Welcome to Dona (previously localised as Donna).

Dona is pretty much the definition of brute force in Wixoss, a 2nd generation LRIG who uses the multiplicative “layer” effects of her SIGNI to create strong walls and punish the opponent for breaking those walls. What is also very cool is that her SIGNI are all youkai and her deck has a strong case for remaining mono-white, allowing the player to forgo having to use some of the staple expensive cards such as Daihouika. She also has a few effects that mimic Yuki a bit, being able to remove the effects of opponent SIGNI, also some Tama or Sashe style play too.

Dona effectively mixes up playstyles of several white LRIGs, layering it onto her SIGNI and using key defence ARTS like Innocent DefensePinch Defense and the very useful Nameless Fear to keep her alive and stall while layering punches each turn onto the face of her opponent. Some of the Youkai-type SIGNI you’ll see her commonly play are Oware, Snow Queen, Karaten, and Sunakake. These all provide the core effects that allow Dona to bounce the opponent’s field back to hand and to sustain Dona’s own hand size to power the bounces as well as the formidable Lancer layer effect from Sunakake.

Dona is typically strong against effects which banish, and she will not lose in a battle of power with power heavy green decks. She also does not have a hard time replenishing hand quickly to discard for Oware and the like. Dona is a flurry of punches, sparring effectively with defence too.

Dona’s weak point is being sent to Trash and receiving minus power. Black decks post-WX18 tear Dona to pieces, easily breaking her defence. Also Dona gets hit heavily if her SIGNI lose their effects. Yuki will have a field day against Dona as Youkai SIGNI without effects are as good as vanilla SIGNI and Dona does not have any other sort of mechanics to deal with effect loss where Carnival can defuse Yuki’s SIGNI with Servant ZERO effects or Aya has Traps that are unaffected by Yuki.

If you enjoy being a real protagonist, Dona is the LRIG for you!

You gotta protect that smile!



Sashe is love. Sashe is life.

Sashe is quite an old LRIG from the first generation, most of the time boasting a slow and controlled playstyle that will attempt to limit what the opponent can do in favour of a stronger defence. Her main gimmick is Resona and she does it well.

There was originally an aggro playstyle with Sashe which died out as the slow control cemented itself. Yet with some of the later additions in 2017 such as Staired Salvage, a gimmicky aggro build has reappeared (which involves running 2 copies of Staired Salvage together). I hope that aggro Sashe might receive a full revival in the future.

Did I mention, her SIGNI archetype is space? Aliens and spaceships for life (I feel the connection as a fellow alien myself). It might not work too well but if you choose Sashe you chose correctly. Then you can suffer with me as you attempt to hold back the opponent and put down roadblocks on their play. You will probably get smashed by Allos players and most other aggressive decks out there.

Sashe can opt for mono-white and also for some hybrids with green or red. The red hybrids provide some much needed offence, whereas the green hybrids just solidify Sashe’s defence. Resona to watch out for are Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and the double-faced Resona, Full Moon/New Moon

Sashe’s strong point is probably being able to somewhat limit the opponent’s board and attacks and generally being a pest sometimes. Unfortunately at this current point in time, Sashe is often bypassed by most decks.

Sashe’s weak point is definitely a lack of consistent aggro unless red cards are run. Mostly Sashe is a sitting duck but may be able to form some gimmick decks to have a short moment of glory before getting sat down again by the opponent who excels in aggro or control. Essentially Sashe does some aggro and some control but is never as good as those LRIGs that excel in said style, thus being overshadowed in all aspects.

I’ll try my best to post some builds despite the fact you won’t see it on the twitter winner lists.

PS. Congrats Tansar Three is my dream…


Wixoss? What the hell are you talking about?

Introducing new players to Wixoss TCG


Somehow you’ve stumbled across this site, trying your best to figure out just what this “Wixoss” thing is. Well simply it is a trading card game by Takara Tomy and has an anime based upon it. It is rather big in Japan, less so in the west (hope that changes). To get you started if you are a new player, I shall attach a series of helpful links (such as a wiki run by a wonderful person).

Wixoss Wiki – This is your first port of call.

How 2 Play – It should do enough to teach you the game.

Wixoss Reddit – For the nitty gritty and some peer 2 peer help.

Takara Tomy’s Site – This is the official stuff. Yes, it’s Japanese.

Discord – That community message service everyone uses. This will introduce you to a group who play all sorts of cards games, including wixoss. Very helpful people.

Anime – Where to start from if you want to watch the anime. Prepare yourself adequately.

Best Girl – If you know what’s good for you.

You can start by proxying your decks. When you feel ready I encourage you to buy the real deal. Talk to people on the Discord to receive help on delving deeper into the game, and if you’re a western player, finding people to play with as it’s unlikely there will be many physical players in your vicinity unless you live in Asia.

Hope you’ll be sucked into the game as much as the rest of us already are.