Sashe is love. Sashe is life.

Sashe is quite an old LRIG from the first generation, most of the time boasting a slow and controlled playstyle that will attempt to limit what the opponent can do in favour of a stronger defence. Her main gimmick is Resona and she does it well.

There was originally an aggro playstyle with Sashe which died out as the slow control cemented itself. Yet with some of the later additions in 2017 such as Staired Salvage, a gimmicky aggro build has reappeared (which involves running 2 copies of Staired Salvage together). I hope that aggro Sashe might receive a full revival in the future.

Did I mention, her SIGNI archetype is space? Aliens and spaceships for life (I feel the connection as a fellow alien myself). It might not work too well but if you choose Sashe you chose correctly. Then you can suffer with me as you attempt to hold back the opponent and put down roadblocks on their play. You will probably get smashed by Allos players and most other aggressive decks out there.

Sashe can opt for mono-white and also for some hybrids with green or red. The red hybrids provide some much needed offence, whereas the green hybrids just solidify Sashe’s defence. Resona to watch out for are Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and the double-faced Resona, Full Moon/New Moon

Sashe’s strong point is probably being able to somewhat limit the opponent’s board and attacks and generally being a pest sometimes. Unfortunately at this current point in time, Sashe is often bypassed by most decks.

Sashe’s weak point is definitely a lack of consistent aggro unless red cards are run. Mostly Sashe is a sitting duck but may be able to form some gimmick decks to have a short moment of glory before getting sat down again by the opponent who excels in aggro or control. Essentially Sashe does some aggro and some control but is never as good as those LRIGs that excel in said style, thus being overshadowed in all aspects.

I’ll try my best to post some builds despite the fact you won’t see it on the twitter winner lists.

PS. Congrats Tansar Three is my dream…



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