Welcome to Dona (previously localised as Donna).

Dona is pretty much the definition of brute force in Wixoss, a 2nd generation LRIG who uses the multiplicative “layer” effects of her SIGNI to create strong walls and punish the opponent for breaking those walls. What is also very cool is that her SIGNI are all youkai and her deck has a strong case for remaining mono-white, allowing the player to forgo having to use some of the staple expensive cards such as Daihouika. She also has a few effects that mimic Yuki a bit, being able to remove the effects of opponent SIGNI, also some Tama or Sashe style play too.

Dona effectively mixes up playstyles of several white LRIGs, layering it onto her SIGNI and using key defence ARTS like Innocent DefensePinch Defense and the very useful Nameless Fear to keep her alive and stall while layering punches each turn onto the face of her opponent. Some of the Youkai-type SIGNI you’ll see her commonly play are Oware, Snow Queen, Karaten, and Sunakake. These all provide the core effects that allow Dona to bounce the opponent’s field back to hand and to sustain Dona’s own hand size to power the bounces as well as the formidable Lancer layer effect from Sunakake.

Dona is typically strong against effects which banish, and she will not lose in a battle of power with power heavy green decks. She also does not have a hard time replenishing hand quickly to discard for Oware and the like. Dona is a flurry of punches, sparring effectively with defence too.

Dona’s weak point is being sent to Trash and receiving minus power. Black decks post-WX18 tear Dona to pieces, easily breaking her defence. Also Dona gets hit heavily if her SIGNI lose their effects. Yuki will have a field day against Dona as Youkai SIGNI without effects are as good as vanilla SIGNI and Dona does not have any other sort of mechanics to deal with effect loss where Carnival can defuse Yuki’s SIGNI with Servant ZERO effects or Aya has Traps that are unaffected by Yuki.

If you enjoy being a real protagonist, Dona is the LRIG for you!

You gotta protect that smile!