Onii-chan~… Die f***ing scum!

Aya is one heck of a nasty piece of work. She is a blue LRIG that uses the Trick archetype of SIGNI and has a very unique gameplay mechanic original to her. Aya sets Traps (similar to YGO) which are facedown SIGNI or spells on the field. When the opponent attacks a lane with no SIGNI in it, the Trap in that lane will activate and a tricky Trap effect will activate. The types of Traps vary wildly from ener charge to hand destruction to downing signi or even cancelling damage from the opponent, making Aya one of the hardest LRIGs to kill. She is often able to completely avoid damage while her board has no SIGNI, provided the correct Traps have been set.

The most notable SIGNI Aya has are as follows: Trainbomb which as a Trap is able to copy any trap effect in your Trash and as a regular SIGNI, if left alive by the opponent, it will start setting Traps that might become rather annoying to deal with. Octopot bolsters Aya’s aggressiveness which make the opponent more likely to pop an ARTS to stop Aya’s SIGNI from restanding. Dokkiri makes a strong case for being one of her best SIGNI, able to trigger Traps directly from top of deck instead of activating the Traps on field. Dokkiri is a central part of Aya’s build which creates a very strong combo with Octopot for instance.  Aya has a couple of Traps that negate damage also.

Aya’s strong point is definitely the ability to stay alive longer, not having to use ARTS as often, and also the signature draw power of blue, filtering through her deck. This is also a liability if you don’t control your deck refreshes. Aya also has access to very strong blue ARTS such as Don’t Escape and Don’t Act. Don’t Act especially can completely shut down an opponent’s trump offence.

Her weak points are fast deck refreshes which can ruin your game if you don’t pay attention, and also an ener usage that can quickly go out of control because of her need to pay ener for her strongest effects like copying traps or quickly searching Traps out. A point which needs special detail is that Aya is very weak to Assassin effects. A Trap will not activate usually if there is a SIGNI on top of the Trap and an opponent SIGNI with Assassin will bypass that Trap, often meaning that Aya’s only way to deal with such a threat is through ARTS.

Nevertheless, Aya’s cockroach-like survivability is nothing to be scoffed at. An opponent who is not careful will find him/herself out of resources. Aya has a very flexible deck build and is able to adapt for a different meta and situation. Enjoy experimenting with Aya.