Wixoss? What the hell are you talking about?

Introducing new players to Wixoss TCG



Somehow you’ve stumbled across this site, trying your best to figure out just what this “Wixoss” thing is. Well simply it is a trading card game by Takara Tomy and has an anime based upon it. It is rather big in Japan, less so in the west (hope that changes). To get you started if you are a new player, I shall attach a series of helpful links (such as a wiki run by a wonderful person).

Wixoss Wiki – This is your first port of call.

How 2 Play – It should do enough to teach you the game.

Wixoss Reddit – For the nitty gritty and some peer 2 peer help.

Takara Tomy’s Site – This is the official stuff. Yes, it’s Japanese.

Discord – That community message service everyone uses. This will introduce you to a group who play all sorts of cards games, including wixoss. Very helpful people.

Anime – Where to start from if you want to watch the anime. Prepare yourself adequately.

Best Girl – If you know what’s good for you.

You can start by proxying your decks. When you feel ready I encourage you to buy the real deal. Talk to people on the Discord to receive help on delving deeper into the game, and if you’re a western player, finding people to play with as it’s unlikely there will be many physical players in your vicinity unless you live in Asia.

Hope you’ll be sucked into the game as much as the rest of us already are.