Carnival uses the same SIGNI archetype as Sashe (Space) but is different in several ways. Firstly, she is absolutely bonkers; she’s a complete psycho. Her colour is red and she has a shifting playstyle from heavier defensive with Snorop to the more midrange and aggro playstyles of red. Unlike Sashe who is limited in the colours she mixes in her deck (mainly limited to green or red), Carnival mixes various colours, even at one point having had a rainbow build as one of her primary builds.

With newer sets, Carnival has gained resona and even a level 5 LRIG (something customary to 1st generation). The builds with Carnival are quite varied and can be changed according to the playstyle of the player. Generally she is able to bend the rules a bit to benefit her, such as being able change the level of the SIGNI she reveals from her deck or drops from hand to achieve certain effects, or morphing a SIGNI on the field into another or morphing opponent SIGNI into servants. Generally because of this she is able to synergise with various non-limited SIGNI to use their effects to full potential, such as Punito or Gurehozame.

As an LRIG who shares an archetype with my favourite, Sashe, Carnival receives a lot of respect from me, especially with her “trickster” mechanics that make her one of the most flexible LRIGs from the 2nd generation.

PS. I like psycho girls…