Tama is… the OG protagonist (?) who used to be the terror back at the beginning of the game, until eventually the terror of Apex took over. Tama uses the Arms and Weapons SIGNI to bombard the opponent. She is the OG beatstick and the OG searching deck, pulling out her Unlimited Blade Works (TM).

Tama has those bounce mechanics found in later LRIGs such as Sashe and Dona. You could say she is the predecessor to those decks. Especially the beatstick nature of Tama reflects in the 2nd generation Dona. Tama has something of a balanced playstyle where she will include both offensive and defensive ARTs in her LRIG deck.

She is able to build pure white, add red, or black in some cases. Tama has had a lot of time to mingle with other LRIGs such as Iona or Yuzuki to then take on their colours as part of her own build.

Constantly pulling out beatsticks from her deck one after the other, eventually she’ll push back the opponent and then beat even harder by restanding with Arc Destruct. Tama, being the oldest LRIG has naturally had time to receive a lot of support so naturally she comes with her level 5 options characteristic of 1st generation LRIGs. This can be the dark incarnation, Mayu, Genesis Miko or Mayu, True Name Miko or the red support, Tama Five Remodeled, the Flame, which is part of the mixing of 1st and 2nd generation to have coins for the OG LRIGs.